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We are looking for graduate students and post-docs interested in working on Amazon forest projects (interaction between vegetation dynamics and biogeochemical cycling using ground-based sampling, eddy covariance data, and remote sensing), or on carbon cycling in thawing permafrost (focusing on field deployment in Abisko, Sweden), and on projects at Biosphere 2 outside of Tucson.

We are currently seeking to fill several positions in 2015:

  • Creative post-doctoral scientists for research in carbon cycle science/atmospheric chemistry/remote sensing/ecology:
    • Two post-docs (with expertise in instrumentation, biogeochemistry, and/or modeling) to join an interdisciplinary “ecosystem genomics” team seeking to discover how microbial community composition and metabolism scale to the ecosystem biogeochemistry of carbon, focusing on carbon-rich biomes critical for understanding feedbacks to climate change.  The two positions focus on:  
      • methane cycling across land use types in the Amazon basin of Brazil (including flooded forests, upland forests, pastures, and secondary forest).   For details of this project, jointly funded by the U.S. NSF and the Brazilian Sao Paulo Science Foundation, see our proposal, “Integrating
        Dimensions of Microbial Biodiversity across Land Use Change in Tropical Forests.”
      • anaerobic carbon dynamics in thawing permafrost in a subarctic wetland in northern Sweden, with a focus on methane and hydrogen gas cycling.  For project details, see the project page, which includes the proposals which supports this project and publications of the project to date.
      • See the full job ad and apply for either or both of these positions at UofA career track, job number 57162).
    • Post-doc (with expertise in remote sensing, field instrumentation, and/or modeling) to join an interdisciplinary team aiming to scale photosynthesis from leaf traits to landscapes in the Amazon of Brazil, integrating leaf-scale ecophysiology, ecosystem-scale fluxes, and remote sensing (from both tower-mounted automated multi-spectral cameras, and from satellites).  Strong quantitative and programming skills required. (see job add and apply at the UofA career track website, under job number 56669).
  • Program coordinator.  A self-starting and creative administrator is sought to coordinate administrative, fundraising, and research activities of the newly formed UA Ecosystem Genomics Institute.  This exciting effort focuses on integrating science and education between genomic and ecosystem scales, with strong interdisciplinary and international themes.

We are accepting applications for these positions now (as of late 2014/early 2015).

Beyond these ideas, if you are interested in working in my research group, please contact me. I am always happy to discuss potential research projects.

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