Trees around the K67 walkup tower (by Ty Taylor)

Here is a list of all trees with leaves accessible from the walkup tower, and a couple of other trees near the tower. Specimens of all trees were collected in 2015 and identified by the Embrapa herbarium IAN in Belém. The species names provided here are the names the herbarium gave me. All diameters and heights were measured in 2015. The trees are sorted by height, descending. Contact Ty Taylor with any questions (

Family, species: Sapotaceae, Manilkara elata. Local name ‘Maçaranduba’. We know this species historically as M. huberi. The Embrapa herbarium IAN tells me the currently accepted name in the Flora of Brazil is M. elata. Tropicos considers both of those names as valid. Either way, there is only one species that we call ‘Maçaranduba’ in our forest.

Collection ID: TCT-151110-01. Tree has a tag of unknown origin: 9215.

Location: ~9 m from tower center at AZ 340˚ (NNW). Leaves accessible from tower. *Note: there is another Maçaranduba with leaves accessible by pulling in crown ~NE of the tower.

DBH x Height: 60.7 cm x 39 m

ID characters: Leaves simple, large (> 20cm long), green on top, gold beneath, white latex in petioles. Fruits persistent as hard, round balls.

Family, species: Rubiaceae, Chimarrhis turbinata. Local name ‘Pau de remo’.

Collection ID: TCT-151110-02. Has tag of unknown origin: 9201.

Location: ~1m from SSE corner of tower at AZ 165˚. Leaves easily accessible from tower.

DBH x Height: 24.1 cm x 25 m.

ID characters: Trunk ‘fenestrated’, i.e. made of ridges and holes. Leaves very large (> 30 cm long), simple, opposite, with neatly parallel secondary veins.

Family, species: Myristicaceae, Virola elongata.

Collection ID: TCT-150910-01

Location: East ~8m from walkup tower, next to boardwalk. Leaves cannot be reached from tower.

DBH x Height: 20.5 cm x 24 m.

ID characters: Alternate leaves all in a plane. Weak wood. Odor of essential oils. Tiny yellow flowers numerous in apical inflorescence.

Family, species: Fabaceae (Caesalpinioideae), Tachigali eriopetalaLocal name “Tachí vermelho”. A collection from this tree in 2012 was ID’d as T. eriopetala by the Embrapa herbarium IAN. Previous collections at K67 were identified as Sclerolobium chrysophyllum (currently accepted as Tachigali chrysophylla). In 2015, collections of the same species were left by the herbarium IAN as Tachigali sp. I believe there is a single species of Tachigali in our forest that we know as ‘Tachí vermelho’, but whether this is T. chrysophylla or T. eriopetala I think remains to be resolved.

Collection ID: TCT-151027-01

Location: Off SW corner of walkup tower. Leaves accessible from tower by pulling trunk in with a cord.

DBH x Height: 18.8 cm x 23.8 m

ID characters: Leaves compound, long (> 1 m), apically verticillately clustered, with large leafy stipules, leaflets long (> 15 cm), green on top and gold beneath. Trunk red, rough, with long and shallow vertical fissures.

Family, species: Myristicaceae, Iryanthera sagotiana.

Collection ID: TCT-151006-02

Location: North ~5 m from walkup tower. Leaves not accessible from walkup tower (I don’t think).

DBH x Height: 20.1 cm x 19.4 m

ID characters: Leaves simple, alternate, all in one plane. Odor of essential oils. Weak wood. Flowers strange little fleshy green things in axillary inflorescences.

Family, species: Lecythidaceae, Eschweilera sp.

Collection ID: TCT-151110-03. Has tag of unknown origin: 9219.

Location: ~3 m due North of tower center. Leaves accessible from tower.

DBH x Height: 26.7 cm x 18.8 m.

ID characters: Leaves simple, alternate, somewhat sparsely distributed, chartaceous (hard, thick, brittle), dark colored.

Family, species: Burseraceae, Protium apiculatum.

Collection ID: TCT-151110-04. Has tag of unknown origin: 9210.

Location: Close to NE side of tower base. Leaves accessible from tower.

DBH x Height: 11.5 cm x 15.7 m.

ID characters: Leaves pinnately compound, alternate, with large leaflets (to > 15 cm long), leaves usually immaculate (undamaged by herbivory and free of epiphylls) except occasional small rounded or pointed galls, odor of turpentine.

Family, species: Fabaceae (Mimosoideae), Abarema mataybifolia.

Collection ID: TCT-151006-01

Location: South 3 m from walkup tower. Leaves easily reached from tower.

DBH x Height: 12.7 cm x 12.8 m.

ID characters: Leaves compound, twice pinnate, leaflets 5-8 cm long, frequently with little brown splotches in them.

Family, species: Melastomataceae, Miconia egensis.

Collection ID: TCT-151006-03

Location: East 6.5 m from walkup tower, next to boardwalk. Leaves may be accessible from ground.

DBH x Height: 8.1 cm x 9.9 m

ID characters: Leaves simple, alternate, with multiple main veins and ladder-like secondaries. Tiny white flowers in apical inflorescences.

Family, species: Hypericaceae, Vismia cayennensis.

Collection ID: TCT-151110-05.

Location: ~7m from tower center at AZ 50˚. Leaves accessible from ground.

DBH x Height: 8.7 cm x 9.9 m.

ID characters: Leaves simple, opposite, dark green above, light green beneath, secondary veins brochidodromus (meeting each other before leaf edge), sparse dark punctations (dots), leaves all in one plane.

Family, species: Lecythidaceae, Gustavia augusta.

Collection ID: TCT-151111-01.

Location: ~4m South of South side of walkup tower structure. Leaves might be accessible from tower or from ground.

DBH x Height: 4.2 cm x 7.4 m.

ID characters: Leaves simple, alternate, long and tapered with margin running all the way into twig (no petiole), margins serrate. Flowers large and solitary, with numerous anthers.

Family, species: Lecythidaceae, Couratari stellata. Local name ‘Tauarí’.

Collection ID: TCT-151110-06.

Location: ~1.5 m from SSW tower corner at AZ 215˚. Leaves accessible from tower.

DBH x Height: 3.9 cm x 7.1 m.

ID characters: Leaves simple, alternate, ~15 cm long, margins serrate, venation neatly brochidodromous (parallel secondary veins meet before margin). 

Family, species: Rubiaceae, Rudgea sp.

Collection ID: TCT-151119-01.

Location: 60 cm North of WNW corner of tower. Leaves accessible from tower.

DBH x Height: 6.7 cm x 5 m.

ID characters: Leaves simple, opposite, chartaceous (hard, stiff), long (to > 30 cm), with lamina convex between veins, shiny on upper surface.